IFAJ 2021 is cancelled

January 15, 2021

Due to the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are sorry to announce, that the Danish organizing committee (OC) has assessed that it will be unrealistic to conduct the IFAJ 2021 Congress in Denmark.

This year’s event were planned to replace the IFAJ 2020 congress in Denmark that was cancelled due to the C-19 pandemic. However, given the development of the ongoing pandemic, it is neither safe nor realistic to carry out a physical congress in 2021 with participants from all over the world. Hence, the 2021 congress will be a virtual event.

The Danish OC is working closely together with the IFAJ Presidium as well as future congress hosts to find solutions and opportunities to host the next IFAJ congress.

The planned IFAJ 2022 host – our friends and colleagues from The Swiss Guild – have generously offered to move the IFAJ Congress in Switzerland from 2022 to 2024 – thus making 2022 available for a congress in Denmark.

In a letter sent to the IFAJ Presidium, the Danish OC has applied for this set up. If approved by the Presidium, the IFAJ 2022 Congress will take place in Denmark. We hope to be able to confirm this by the end of January 2021.

The IFAJ 2020 Congress is cancelled

Due to the corona pandemic, the board of directors for the Danish guild Danske Fødevare- og Landbrugsjournalister has decided to cancel the IFAJ 2020 Congress. The decision also applies to the pre-congress in Copenhagen/Zealand and the two post-congresses on Funen and the Faroe Islands. Everyone who has signed up will get a full refund, and so will all sponsors.

We are naturally very sorry that we have had to make the decision to cancel the congress. However, in light of how quickly the corona epidemic is escalating, and the resulting travel restrictions all over the world, we consider it impossible to hold the congress as planned in June. A possible postponement to a later date would entail much uncertainty with relation to disease risk, the programme, and the number of participants.

IFAJ presidium supports the Danish congress organizing committee
The congress organizing committee and the IFAJ presidium have stayed in close contact, monitoring the coronavirus situation as it has intensified globally. IFAJ president Owen Roberts says the presidium fully supports this difficult decision by the Danish organizing committee and has the highest regard for the committee members’ hard work through the years.

“The Danish congress has been one of the best planned congresses ever, and that fact will not change,” says Roberts. “Future congresses will benefit from the Danish organizing committee’s insight and from the meticulous, upbeat approach it took to promote and support its congress. The team members leave a significant legacy — even without their congress being held — and I thank every one of them for their heartfelt contributions.”

Owen Roberts says an announcement will be made shortly about next steps, including presidium elections, new member guilds, recommendations from the Vision 2025 committee, and other matters that will keep IFAJ moving forward.

Free book about Danish agriculture on the way
Despite the cancellation, we will complete work on the congress book that should have been handed out to all participants at the main congress in Vingsted. The book will be published as a pdf document and will be available for everyone on this website.

As originally planned, the book will give you insight into Danish food and agriculture and will contain factual information and contact details for the farms, companies, research centers, etc. that we would have visited  during the congress. The book will thus be of great value for anyone with an interest in Danish agriculture and can provide inspiration for many journalistic stories.

Help with regard to reporting assignments in Denmark
Even though there will no longer be a congress to visit, we still hope to see our foreign colleagues in Denmark once the corona pandemic has settled down and conditions start to return to normal.

More than 20 members of Danske Fødevare- og Landbrugsjournalister have for years worked on making IFAJ 2020 a great experience for all participants and even though the congress has now been cancelled, our volunteers continue to be eager to help international colleagues. We are still willing to pass on good story tips, contacts to sources, etc. If you are interested, then please use the contact form on the congress website: https://ifaj2020.dk/contact/

Denmark, 17 March 2020
Danske Fødevare- og Landbrugsjournalister’s steering committee for IFAJ 2020
(Frederik Thalbitzer, Gudrun Andreasen and Per Henrik Hansen)


Welcome to IFAJ 2020

The issue that is becoming increasingly critical is: How can agriculture produce enough food for the world’s future population without destroying the planet and climate – while at the same time satisfying consumer demands?

Under the theme ”Farming today for the society of tomorrow”, we would like to present how Danish agriculture is an important part of the solution.

There are therefore many good reasons for you to come to the IFAJ congress in Denmark in 2020.

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