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We would like to produce a list of participants.

Recent IFAJ congresses have not had lists of participants, but many of us have missed them. We would therefore like to produce one for IFAJ 2020 in Denmark.
In order to do so, we need the participants’ acceptance.  When you sign up for the congress, you will therefore be asked if we may use your name, position/place of employment, and nationality on a list of participants. It is voluntary to be on the list.
In accordance with EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we need your permission to pass on your personal data to the congress hotel. Our tour hosts are also interested in knowing who will be visiting them. You cannot register for the congress without giving this permission.
We know that our sponsors would also like to acquire the names and e-mail addresses of the congress participants. We will only supply these if you volunteer for this when you register. 


Welcome to IFAJ 2020

The issue that is becoming increasingly critical is: How can agriculture produce enough food for the world’s future population without destroying the planet and climate – while at the same time satisfying consumer demands?

Under the theme ”Farming today for the society of tomorrow”, we would like to present how Danish agriculture is an important part of the solution.

There are therefore many good reasons for you to come to the IFAJ congress in Denmark in 2020.

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