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Broadcast from Prue Adams, aired on ABC-TV. It is recorded during the post-congress tour to Faroes island.

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Danish mink farmers says industry will not recover from mass COVID culls two years ago


The animal owners are also selected here

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Course close to the wind

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Denmark, a pronounced export country of dairy Click here

European Protein has successes with fermentation Click here

100 ton Larvae per day Click here

Nearly 8 percent less sows – Danish pig production is falling Click here

Le Danemark, pays exportateur par excellence de produits laitiers

(Denmark, exporting country par excellence of dairy products)

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Plant Breeding; A Sustainable Way To Producing Crops

Agrisultural journalists are more important than they think


Conheça os agricultores da melhor grama para futebol do mundo

(Meet the farmers of the best football grass in the world)

Fanáticos de Messi: cómo producen los hermanos responsables del mejor césped del mundo para canchas de fútbol

(Messi fans: how the brothers responsible for the world’s best grass for soccer pitches produce)

Usina transforma esterco animal em gás para cerveja

(Plant transforms animal manure into gas for beer)

Solução para o metano das vacas vem do mar

(Solution for methane from cows comes from the sea)

Massagem em vacas eleva produção de leite

(Cow massage boosts milk production)

Spa de vacas: la técnica de masajes para conseguir más leche

(Cow spa: the massage technique to get more milk)


Canadian farm writers prepare to welcome the world to Alberta

Farmers missing from emission reduction conversation

Land of the Faroes
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Ukrainske landmænd mangler plads til 20 millioner ton korn

(Ukrainian farmers lack space for 20 million tons of grain

Yara i kæmpe omstilling: Vores gødning bliver grøn så hurtigt vi kan

(Yara in major restructuring: Our fertilizer is going green as fast as we can)

Danish vision lead the way for farming

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The Danish country hare trusts in organic

A light field robot is suitable for precision farming – “The robot has great potential to make mechanical weed control especially effective”

Arlan varmat hitit: Lurpak ja Starbuck — ”Nämä merkit myyvät missä vain”

(Arla’s sure hits: Lurpak and Starbuck — “These brands sell everywhere”)

”Olimme neuvostovallan alla kuin valkoisia villi-ihmisiä” – ukrainalainen maataloustoimittaja kammoksuu paluuta entiseen

(We were like white savages under Soviet rule” – Ukrainian agricultural journalist dreads a return to the past)

”Suomi on kasvinjalostajalle kiinnostava markkina” — tanskalainen Sejet tyytyväinen yhteistyöhön Tilasiemenen kanssa

(Finland is an interesting market for plant breeders” — the Danish Sejet is satisfied with the cooperation with Tilasiemene)

Minkkien tuhoaminen oli pimeä jakso Tanskan
maatalouden historiassa” — minkkifarmari ei usko alan enää nousevan

(The destruction of minks was a dark period in the history of Danish agriculture” — a mink farmer does not think the industry will rise again)

Tanskalainen sikatila uskoo avoimuuteen — ”On niin kiva nähdä, että kohtelette eläimiä hyvin”

(A Danish pig farm believes in openness — “It’s so nice to see that you treat the animals well)


Hog cabins – Pork farm looks more like a vacation spot
Cabanes pour porc – La ferme porcine ressemble à un lieu de villégiature.
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Protein from grass

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Die internationale fachpresse traf sich in Dänemark

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Great Britan

Siestas for cows: UK farmers seek new ways for cattle to beat the heat
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Danish vision leads the way for farming
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Produce welfare friendly beef from dairy crosses in Denmark
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Denmark plans to reinstate 100k ha of wetland from fam
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Ghost farms – the mink sheds abandoned to the pandemic
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Hoge melkprijs en oude voerkosten; ‘een weelde’*
(High milk price and old feed costs; ‘a wealth’)
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Danish pig production is falling
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Nýjar áskoranir í plöntukynbótum (New challenges in plantproduction)
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Europe’s shift to “grass” keeping away from American soybeans Click here

Danish Agriculture’s Challenge 1:

Combating global warming

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Challenges of Danish agriculture 2:

Protein from the fields

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Challenges of Danish agriculture 3:

Protein from the fields

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Как прокормить 10-миллиардное население, одновременно сохраняя экологический баланс?

(How to feed a 10-billion population while keeping an ecological balance?)
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Dänische Arbeitsteilung

(Danish division of labor)

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Can Human eat grass after all

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(Climate heroine)

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Titta in på danska jättemässan

(Take a look at the Danish Giant Fair)

Kommer växtbaserat protein ersätta köttet?

(Will plant-based protein replace meat?)

Satsar på dubbel premium

(Goes for double premium)

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Agriculture in Denmark and the U.S. have much in common

Carbon and sustainable farming lessons from danish agriculture

Beyond Hay Click here

Hog Cabins Click here

Organic pork producers’ bond spans ocean | Livestock |

Advocates,farmers and politicians look at food security | Crops |

Denmark boosts sustainability leadership with collaboration | State & Regional |

Europe’s largest vertical farm follows a dream | State & Regional |

Reality of war shared by Ukrainian ag journalists | State & Regional |