Facts about Danish agriculture and food sector

The Danish food and agricultural sector have a strong value chain, covering everything from primary- and processed food production, food technology, ingredients, know-how, and research to the wide range of products available to all consumers. The Danish agriculture and food sector is well-known worldwide for its strongholds in areas like food quality and safety, sustainability, organic food production, gastronomy, health, ingredients, innovative technology, and the unique Danish way of collaborating.

As the global food supply is facing vast challenges, we must collaborate to ensure a reliable supply of sustainable, safe, high-quality food to consumers all over the world both now and in the future.

Did you know that the Danish food sector produce enough food to feed three times our own population all while our farmers are known for being amongst the most climate-efficient in the world, lowest emitters of greenhouse gas in milk production in Europe, and of ammonia in the European Union?

As the world demand grows for a safe and sustainable food supply, Danish agriculture and food companies make it possible for feed and food manufacturers to act on fast-developing market trends, changes in legislation, or consumer demand. This is supported by innovative technology, which helps manufacturers to overcome challenges in food and agricultural production. All while being committed to improving consumer access to healthier foods and providing consumer guidelines for making healthy food choices.

In assessing quality and safety, Danish agriculture and food products are synonymous with high quality, reliability, and excellent hygiene all around the world. Denmark was the first country to introduce pasteurization of milk back in 1898, the first to ban trans fats in food production and one of the few countries granted special EU status as a producer of salmonella-free poultry.

Moreover, Denmark has earned a reputation as the leading nation for organic food production and was the first country in the world to get its own organic law. Strong and trusting collaboration across the public and private sectors have provided a solid foundation for the organic growth adventure.

Altogether, this takes place within the unique Danish culture of collaboration, where business, academia and authorities are all working together to develop innovative and sustainable solutions that will contribute to feeding a growing global population. This unique collaboration has made Denmark front-runners in creating the solutions of tomorrow.

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