Main congress: 27. June - 3. July (WILL BE UPDATED SOON)

We have set aside five days for IFAJ 2020 in Denmark. We will showcase the best and most interesting farms, the latest research results and the most innovative solutions. Equally important for us is to give you a clear picture of the challenges facing Danish agriculture. Political winds do not always blow in favourable directions for agriculture, researchers seek more constructive collaboration from the agricultural sector in debates regarding climate and the environment, and many consumers have a critical view of animal welfare and medicine use on Danish farms, even though the Danish agricultural sector is of the opinion that Denmark is a frontrunner in many of the areas that receive criticism. The fact that Danish agriculture is very export-oriented and in fierce competition on the global market only increases the challenges.

We have therefore chosen the title: Farming today for the society of tomorrow.

We also want to give you time to talk about journalism with each other. Naturally, we will do that between the meetings, on the tours, and in the evenings. However, the programme also includes journalism, with three workshops – about journalists’ working conditions (Freedom of the press), about journalistic work methods (Constructive journalism) and journalistic collaboration (Cooperation across borders).

We would also like to shed light on the challenges facing agriculture internationally. We have therefore invited several international speakers, who, together with the Danish minister for food and fisheries, Mogens Jensen, will spotlight the challenges facing global society: A demand for food for a quickly growing population, and mitigation of global climate changes.

We have been favoured with wonderful support from our sponsors, and we thank them for it. The sponsors have a lot to say about modern farming and food production. There will therefore be a sponsor afternoon held as a market day, where many good sources will be present and where you will have time to speak with each of them. We are sure that this afternoon will provide you with good contacts and notes for stories.

We look forward to five tightly packed days in your company.

Danske Fødevare- og Landbrugsjournalister

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