A1: Crop production

Plant-based and locally produced proteins are subject to much attention and interest in efforts to achieve a higher degree of self-sufficiency and less dependence on overseas imports.

This tour will give participants insight into the Danish research on green proteins and show examples of how sustainable and climate-friendly protein production from grass and potatoes can contribute to feed and food.

Time: Programme:
10.00 am Departure Vingsted
11.30 am Arrival AU Foulum. Experimental field for optimized biomass production. Head of Centre Uffe Jørgensen, Centre for Circular Bioeconomy (CBIO), Aarhus University.

See below *)

12.15 pm Sandwich and refreshments
12.45 pm Biorefinery plant for extraction and processing of green protein. Assistant Professor Morten Ambye-Jensen, Department of Engineering, Aarhus University
1.10 pm Experiments with green protein feed. Senior Researcher Søren Krogh Jensen, Department of Animal Sciences, Aarhus University

1.35 pm Cattle and climate. Professor Peter Lund, Department of Animal Sciences, Aarhus University
2.00 pm Departure from AU Foulum
3.15 pm Arrival KMC

  See below **)

5.30 pm Departure KMC
6.30 pm Arrival Vingsted

Changes to the programme can occur.


Stig Oddershede, head of communication, DLF Seeds

Journalist Aage Krogsdam
Freelance in agriculture, food, hunting and travel.
Has participated in 25 IFAJ congresses all over the world since 1977

Contact person at AU Foulum
Chief Consultant Claus Bo Andreasen, DCA – Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture, Aarhus University, Blichers Allé 20, DK-8830 Tjele. Mobile: +45 40798032. Email: clausbo.andreasen@dca.au.dk

*) Research in green protein and climate

The first part of the tour goes to AU Foulum, Aarhus University, where much of Denmark’s research in food and agriculture takes place. Research areas include crops, animals, environment, climate, soil, genetics and technology.

In 2017, the Centre for Circular Bioeconomy (CBIO) was establish at Aarhus University. The purpose is to carry out research and develop bio-economy production systems and recirculation concepts, e.g. bio- refining methods and high-value products based on green crops as well as residual and by-products from the agricultural and food sectors.

We will visit facilities connected to CBIO and gain insight into ongoing research. We will visit the experimental field for optimized biomass production and the newly established bio-refinery for extraction and processing of green protein. Results from feeding trials with pigs and cattle will be presented and there will be an introduction to research in the possibilities for reducing emission of climate gasses.

**) KMC – starch from potatoes and other agriculture-based ingredients

From AU Foulum the tour goes to the coop company KMC. KMC is owned by Danish potato farmers who have a long history of growing sustainable high-quality potatoes that are converted into innovative starch solutions and nutritious potato protein solutions that are well suited for plant-based and free-from food trends.
During the tour, you will see how the ingredients can be used to make plant-based food products.

Boost with protein
When eating purely plant-based diets, protein composition becomes important. You need to supply the human body with sufficient quantities of essential amino acids. Potato protein is complete, as it contains abundant quantities of all nine essential amino acids. KMC calls their new food-grade potato protein Protafy, as it is a protein booster for fortifying other products.

Build customized textures
KMC specializes in developing value-added potato-based solutions creating customized textures and replacing animal-based ingredients in a broad range of food products. With CheeseMaker, KMC makes plant-based alternatives to most traditional cheese products, from firm cheese slices and cubes to easy melting toppings for pizza and bakery products.
The above are two examples of areas in which KMC works.  However, the list is long and could also include areas such as egg-free mayonnaise, gelatin-free gummy candy, etc.

About KMC – see here: KMC Fact sheet

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