C1: Pig production – More than 30 million Danish pigs

More than 30 million pigs are born in Denmark annually. 70 percent of them have their roots in semen from Hatting A/S, which houses boars from the DanBred breeding system. 16-17 million pigs end their lives at the age of 5-6 months at a Danish Crown abattoir. Some of them are speciality pigs, which are raised according to special production requirements and give rise to an added payment to the farmer. For the most, pork from Danish Crown ends up on export markets around the world. The international market has a high level of confidence in the Danish veterinary system. The Danish breeding system also enjoys the same level of confidence and has increased export of breeding genes to a range of countries with significant pig production.

You can learn more about these and other topics on this tour.

In order to participate in this excursion, you may not have visited another pig farm or been in contact with pigs for the 24 hours preceding the tour. 

Time Programme
10:00 am Departure Vingsted
10:50 am Visit pig farmer Søren Juul Jensen, Hornborg, west of Horsens

Søren Juul Jensen has developed a welfare pen with reduced piglet mortality. 100% loose sows. Produces Antonius Pigs, which are marketed by Danish Crown. Reduced use of medicine

12:20 pm Departure
12:40 pm Arrival Danish Crown Horsens. Lunch
1:00 pm Introduction to Danish Crown by Chairman Erik Bredholt

Danish Crown is one of the world’s largest meat companies with divisions in Germany, England, Poland and Sweden. Danish Crown is cooperatively owned, i.e. owned by Danish farmers.

Focus on sustainability in together with the shareholders. 90% of all pigs delivered to Danish Crown’s Danish abattoirs come from climate controlled farms. The aim is to reduce the carbon footprint by half in 2030 compared to 2005.

Focus on food safety. Learn about the Danish veterinary control system, which is one of the world’s strictest.

1:45 pm Tour of the abattoir

The abattoir was taken into use in 2005 and was the most modern abattoir in Europe.
Employs approximately 1,330 people. Slaughters approximately 100,000 pigs per week.
The abattoir has a visitor gallery so visitors can view most of the process from delivery of the pigs to the packaging plant.

Photography in the abattoir is not possible, but the abattoir will provide access to photos of its production.

3:30 pm Departure
4:00 pm Arrival at the boar station Hatting A/S close to Horsens

Introduction to Hatting A/S and the Danish breeding system by Director Per Nyby Pedersen

Danish pig genes are sold extensively throughout the world. The third visit will therefore concentrate on breeding.
Genetic progress has been 13.45 kroner per DYL pig (Duroc-Yorkshire-Landrace cross) on average for the past three years. For a farm with 1,000 sows and own finishers this means an added value of approximately 470,000 kroner (62,900 euros).
According to Danbred, this significant improvement was made possible by using genomic selection of all breeding candidates combined with technical expertise.

5:30 Departure
6:15 Arrival Vingsted

Guides: Janne Hansen and Gudrun Andreasen

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