D1: Sustainability in organic husbandry

Organic farmers strive to find holistic solutions to challenges such as global warming, declining biodiversity and animal welfare.

On this tour, the participants will meet frontrunners among organic farmers producing milk, eggs and pork as well as with regard to energy and carbon storage.

Time Programme
10:00 am Departure Vingsted
11:00 am Arrival at Kroghsminde dairy farm owned by Lisbeth Arnbjerg and Jens Krogh. Ølgod.

Main products are milk from 140 crossbreeds, cereals and energy. Meat is sold via Kroghsminde’s webshop.

Facts about the farm: 140 dairy cows on deep litter, 280 calves, heifers and steers. 400 hectares of arable land and grassland. Main products are grain and legumes for feed and sale. A windmill and a biogas plant produce renewable energy for the farm, the farmhouse and for sale. Biomass for the biogas plant includes manure, slurry, grass and maize silage, catch crops and other residues from Kroghsminde and neighboring farms. The biogas plant produces 3 mill. kWh p.a.

Jens Krogh has produced three climate action plans since 2012. According to the latest one, the farm is climate neutral.
Jens Krogh is also the chairman of the organic dairy Naturmælk.

Lunch. Local food sponsored by Naturmælk

2:00 pm Departure Kroghsminde
3:00 pm Arrival Brian and Ingeborg Holm, Ulvehøjgaard, Lindknud

600 organic sows and 9.000 laying hens in an agroforestry set-up with focus on animal welfare and carbon storage.

Poplars grow in the farrowing pens. The piglets are weaned in the field in order to increase welfare and prevent diarrhoea. The finishers are housed with access to large boxes containing wood chips to keep them occupied, active and healthy.
The laying hens have access to an area with willows, poplars, and different bushes and fruit trees.

Presentation: Marketing organic pork and beef, CEO NN, Friland a/s

5:00 pm Departure Ulvehøjgaard
5:45 pm Arrival Vingsted


Frederik Thalbitzer.
Journalist at LandbrugsAvisen (weekly journal for farmers) and editor of the magazine Kødkvæg (Sucklers). President of the Danish Food and Agricultural Journalists.

Karen Munk Nielsen
Journalist and project manager in Organic Denmark (Økologisk Landsforening)

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