A3: Crop production – precision farming

Precision farming and operation management

See how Danish farmers implement precision farming practices and use it as a tool to meet European environmental regulation. Denmark has 30 years of experience in reducing the environmental impacts of animal manure. Next step is precision slurry technologies that help farmers more precisely distribute large quantities of slurry in a small country.

Time: Programme:
8:30 am Departure Vingsted
10:00 am Visit GØMA, Viborg

GØMA sells agriculture machinery and has specific technology for precision slurry application.

12:00 noon Departure
12:30 noon Visit Foulum, Aarhus University, Tjele


Hear the latest on operation management research and precision farming in a Danish context at the Institute of agroecology a part Aarhus University.

3:00 am Departure
4:30 am Visit the farmer Anders Rahbek, Herning

Anders Rahbek is at the forefront of precision farming in a Danish context and a part of precision farming project funded by the Ministry of environment and food in Denmark. At his farm we will experience what motivates a Danish farmer to implemt precision technologies and how the Danish government actively works with farmers to meet environmental goals.

6:30 am Departure
7:00 am Dinner at restaurant
9:00 am Departure
9:30 am Arrival Vingsted

Changes to the programme can occur.


John Christensen
Ag Journalist at LandbrugsMedierne, writing about technology and machinery for the Agricultural sector.

Jacob Neergaard
Journalist and consultant at the union of Danish agronomist

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