C2: Pig production

  • The production of Danish piglets is booming, but where do they end up? Almost half of the piglets are fed abroad.
  • The quality of the feed is an important parameter in terms of getting good production results with a low amount of feed, high growth, low use of medicine and so forth. But who develops and produce the feed?
  • Danish agriculture is characterized by an impartial advisory system run by the agricultural organizations themselves.

These are the focal points of the tour.

Due to veterinarian rules you may only join this tour if you have not been at a farm with pigs in the past 24 hours

Time: Progamme:
8:30 am Leaving Vingsted
9:00 am Arriving Jeppe Bloch Nielsen, Vigårdsvej 10, 6600 Vejen
10:45 am Leaving the farm
11:15 am Visiting DLG, Kolding Habour and DLG in Fredericia. Feed company.
An introduction to the production and trade of Danish grain and feed. Ready to eat vs. home-mixed feed.Lunch
13:15 pm Leaving DLG
2:30 noon Visiting Sagro, Billund
14:50 pm: Introduction to the impartial Danish agricultural advisory system run by the agricultural organizations themselves w/ CEO Torben Jensen
15:35 pm: Introduction to pig production advisory, including the Yellow Card, E-control and so forth w/ pig advisor
4:30 pm Laeaving Sagro, Billund
5:15 pm Visiting European Protein, Bække.

European Protein produces fermented protein feed and is focused on animal health.

Jens Legarth, owner af Eurpean Protein, will among others tell about “Groth without zno” – when zinc oxide is removed from the feed and replaced by the fermented rapeseed protein.

Along with the University of Copenhagen, European Protein collect and analyze tests of bacterial composition in the pig’s gut. This is done to uncover the guts influence on the health of sows and piglets. This is a knowledge and experience, which may be useful in human treatments.

A pig producer takes part and will tell about his experiences with fermented protein feed.

7:00 pm European Protein is hosting the dinner in a huge cottage for bonfire.
9:00 pm  Leaving Bække
10:00 pm Arriving in Vingsted

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