D2: Organic farming: Making a business out of organics

Visit large and small organic farms with an extra focus on environment, animal welfare and marketing. Organic farmers have special challenges with regard to crop nutrients. On this tour, you can see how a biogas plant can be used to distribute nutrients. You can also meet the American Paul Holmbeck, who has had a great influence on Danish organic farming.

Time: Programme:
8:30 am Departure Vingsted
9:15 am Visit Månsson af Brande.

Månsson grows organic and conventional vegetables. The farm enterprise plants 45 milion plants annually.
Axel Månsson will relate how he gradually shifted the farm to becoming organic, which he believes is healthier for people and the environment.
He will also tell us about his marketing to Danish and foreign chains. He has 200 employees.

Axel Månsson has establisheda biogas plant that ensures nutrients for the vegetable crops.
Apart from vegetables, he also has a large production of organic eggs.

11:30 am Lunch
12:00 noon Departure
1:00 pm Arrival at Bertel Hestbjerg, Holstebro

Bertel Hestbjerg has one of Denmark’s largest organic pig farms. He is particularly keen on animal welfare and with his concept ’poplar pigs’ improves animal welfare in comparison to the official minimum requirements.

He has also established his own marketing company in order to gain a position on the market for his brand.
Bertel Hestbjerg has previously been elected organic craftsman of the year.

3:00 pm Departure
4:30 pm Arruival at Gothenborg, Them

Gothenborg raises organic chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys, which are sold in the farm’s web shop and farm shop, and to dealers. This is a select poultry production, which includes e.g. forest broilers, which are in demand by Michelin restaurants, among others.

Lone and Lars Hedegaard are uncompromising when it comes to animal welfare, and they are concerned with tastiness. They offer an organic brunch every Sunday, where they serve food produced from their own products. They also rent out banquet facilities.

6:30 pm Dinner at Gothenborg

Talk given by Paul Holmbeck, Økologisk Landsforening (Danish Organic Union).
He originates from the USA, but has a great influence on Danish organics. He will speak about ‘Political and market mobilisation driving the organic breakthrough—The Danish Model’.

8:00 pm Departure Gothenborg
9:00 pm Arrival Vingsted

Changes to the programme can occur.


Frederik Thalbitzer.
Journalist at LandbrugsAvisen (weekly journal for farmers) and editor of the magazine Kødkvæg (Sucklers). President of the Danish Food and Agricultural Journalists.

Karen Munk Nielsen
Journalist and project manager in Organic Denmark (Økologisk Landsforening)

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