A4: Crop production – Fertilisation

Efficient use of manure – environmental and climate aspects

See how Danish farmers and contractors tackle environmental and climate issues in relation to fertilisation.

To protect the environment, society demands that Danish farmers are given strict limits on how much fertiliser they may use and that they exploit manure optimally. These practices can also reduce climate gas emissions and save farmers money when buying fertiliser.

On this tour you will meet farmers and contractors and see state-of-the-art machinery.

You will learn more about:

  • Optimal usage of nutrients
  • Legislation – the background for Danish slurry and manure application
  • Methods for applying slurry and manure in the field
  • New technology to measure nutrients in slurry

In Denmark, legislation for slurry and manure application is quite strict and has been for many years. Danish farmers and contractors therefore use highly technical slurry application equipment.

We will meet a contractor who will explain what Danish farmers demand and how these demands affect the company. You will see some of the machines.

On this tour, we will also get a visit from Samson Agro. The company manufactures machines for distribution of organic fertiliser and recently bought the French company Pichon. Samson Agro will explain how Denmark’s strict legislation has evolved and how this affects development of new technologies from manufacturers.

Samson will also give an inside look into the future with an introduction to the new NPK Sensor, which is under development. The sensor measures nutrients in slurry “on the go” with laboratory precision. Instead of using NIR technology, the system uses magnetic resonance technology, known from MR scanners in hospitals. The project in which the highly complex magnetic sensor has been developed has also involved Aarhus University and the company Nano Nord.


John Christensen
Ag Journalist at LandbrugsMedierne, writing about technology and machinery for the Agricultural sector.

Jacob Neergaard
Journalist and consultant at the union of Danish agronomist

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