A5: Barley and Brewery

From Bøgedal Brew

This tour will take you to a farmer who grows barley for malting and to one of the most awesome Danish craft breweries.

First, we will visit the farmer Peter Buhl. At his farm, Hvilestedgaard, he grows one of the major Danish export products – barley for malting. He will tell us about customer requirements and how he works with IPM principles to minimize the use of pesticides.

Next stop will be Bøgedal Brew, which is famous among Danish beer lovers for their high quality beer brewed with old artisan skills. Furthermore, Bøgedal is a farm where they use the residues from brewing as feed for beef cattle.
Website in English: https://www.boegedal.com/english

Tour guide: Aage Krogsdam

Programme is coming soon …

Peter Buhl grows barley for malt.

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