D3: New marketing avenues

Direct sales from the farm to customers all over Denmark

On this tour we will visit two farms that go beyond the traditional sales channels to wholesalers and supermarkets. Instead they have successfully created their own sales channels to customers across Denmark; one also with sales in Sweden.


Time: Programme:
12:00 noon Departure Vingsted
12:30 pm Arrival Hopballe Mølle. Owner Brent Christensen introduces the farm.
Lunch in the restaurant.
At Hopballe Mølle (Hopballe Mill) over 150,000 “welfare broilers” are raised per year. The broilers end their days at the farm’s own new slaughterhouse. Some of them are cooked for guests in the farm’s own restaurant, where we will have lunch. However, most of the broilers are sold to other restaurants and specialty shops and via an online shop to consumers all over Denmark.
Hopballe Mølle is managed by Danish-Canadian Brent Christensen who is the sixth generation at the old family-owned mill farm.
Website (in Danish): https://www.hopballe.dk/
1:45 pm Departure Hopballe Mølle
2:30 pm Arrival Barritskov. Owner Thomas Harttung gives an introduction to the farm and Aarstiderne.
Barritskov is a large farm as well as headquarters for the Aarstiderne (Danish for “The Seasons”), Denmark’s first and largest food subscription box company for organic fruit, vegetables and other food products.
Aarstiderne was founded in 1999 by farmer Thomas Harttung and chef Søren Ejlersen. In the beginning, the company had only one employee besides the founders; today there are 280 full-time jobs in Aarstiderne, and turnover has grown to more than 90 million euro.
Customers are primarily 80,000 private consumers in Denmark and Sweden who can choose from a variety of boxes of vegetables, fruits and ready-made meal solutions delivered right to the door.
English presentation at Aarstiderne’s website: https://www.aarstiderne.com/om-aarstiderne/aarstiderne-in-english
4:15 pm Departure Barritskov
5:00 pm Arrival Vingsted

Per Henrik Hansen
Freelance journalist, IFAJ executive for Denmark, chairman of the Steering Group for the IFAJ 2020 Congress.

Ulla Marie Birk
Journalist at the weekly newspaper for farmers in Denmark, LandbrugsAvisen

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