G1: Animal welfare

Animal welfare is an issue that increasingly concerns many Danes, and from time to time criticism of farming is voiced in hefty debates at meetings, in the press and in other situations. In a few cases, animal activists have broken into animal housing and released the animals (on mink farms, in particular, but pig farms have also had uninvited visitors).

In response to the growing divergence of opinions, the agricultural industry has launched the concept “Open farms”, and many farmers have opened their doors to visitors throughout the year.

On this excursion, we will visit a pig farmer and a cattle farmer, hear their standpoints, and see what they do to promote the welfare of their animals. A person representing those who feel that Danish farmers should do much more to accommodate farm animals’ natural behavior will also be given the opportunity to speak.

Time: Programme:
12:00 noon Departure Bingsted
1:15 pm Arrival Tandergrd, Mrslet

The farm is owned by Brian, Ole and Bent Munk Nielsen.
All the sows are kept in a loose housing system.
In our daily work with the sows in loose housing, we find that the animals are very calm and satisfied.
Contact with the animals is more direct and the pigs express their natural behaviour more commonly. In general, we have very calm animals, which increases our job satisfaction, say the owners.

3:00 pm Departure Tandergrd
3:20 pm Arrival Vejlskovgrd, Odder

Vejlskovgrd is owned by Claus and Hans Jacob Fenger. The farm was inaugurated in 2012 with room for 380 cows. With external funding, the farm has been built to show new ways for agricultural buildings. The buildings combine efficiency, animal welfare, good working conditions, architecture, and openness to the public. 

4:00 pm Departure Vejlskovgrd
5:15 pm Arrival Vingsted

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