H1: Mink farming – Fur and sustainability

Time Programme
1:30 pm Depart Vingsted
2:00 pm Arrive Sole Gruppen, Kærvej 45, 8722 Hedensted – mink farm and mink feed production
3:30 pm Depart Sole Gruppen
3;45 pm Arrive Daka ecoMotion, Lundagervej 21, 8722 Hedensted – a facility that receives and treats animal by-products that are not used for or suitable for human consumption from abattoirs, the meat industry and agriculture.
4:30 pm Depart Daka ecoMotion.
5:00 pm Arrive Vingsted

Brief information about the destinations:

Sole Gruppen: Denmark is the world’s leader in mink production. Two brothers run a historical but modern, trend-setting mink farm, a central feed kitchen that provides mink feed to 250 mink farms (thus feeding approximately 19 percent of the mink in Denmark and northern Germany), a large pelting facility and an arable crop farm. Their own mink farm produces 235,000 mink pelts per year, which is approximately 0.5 percent of the global production.

Pernille Rosendahl

Both brothers are very active on the national level on behalf of all Danish mink farmers and have held or still hold leading posts in the fur industry, including chairmanship of Kopenhagen Fur, which includes the Danish Fur Breeders’ Association and the fur auction in Copenhagen (the largest of its kind in the world). You can read more about Sole Gruppen on their website (in Danish)

Daka ecoMotion: One of Europe’s largest producers of environmentally friendly second generation biodiesel, known for its waste product origins (such as animal waste and by-products from the agricultural sector) and contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions. The product is sold both in Denmark and on the European market, where large oil companies add it to standard fossil diesel.

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