Post-congress tour 2: Faroe Islands 29 June-3 July

The landscapes of the Faroese Islands are stunning.

Post-congress tour to the Faroe Islands

Would you like to visit 18 grass-green rocky islands located in the middle of the great blue ocean between Iceland, Norway and Scotland and populated by 51,000 descendants of Vikings from the Scandinavian mainland? And do you want to get an insight into the national production of food for both domestic consumption and export, an insight that tourists usually never get? If yes, sign up for our Post-congress tour to the Faroe Islands.

The programme in a few words

The tour will begin with transport from Vingsted to Copenhagen Airport on Monday, June 29, and arrival in the capital of the islands, Torshavn, the same evening.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we will tour the islands and among other things visit a farmer who delivers milk to the Faroe Islands' only dairy, a sheep farmer, and a fish farm rearing salmon in cages at sea.

Salmon farming has in recent decades developed into a large industry in the Faroe Islands with an economic significance that has reached the same level as the traditional fisheries.

Thanks to strong currents and great water depths, the Faroese coasts are perfect for salmon farming and aquaculture today delivers an annual export income of around 530 million Euros.

In addition to the professional content on the post-congress tour, we will certainly also enjoy the fantastic nature and get to know the culture and history of the islands.

On Friday, July 3, we will fly back to Copenhagen Airport where the tour ends. The plane will be landing in Copenhagen at 11:25. If you plan to fly out of Copenhagen the same day you cannot - according to Copenhagen Airport - be sure to make a departure before 14:25 in time.

Room for 19 participants

There will be seats for 19 participants on the tour, in addition to our voluntary guide. Due to the limited hotel capacity in the Faroe Islands, and to keep the price as low as possible, everyone will be accommodated in double rooms.

The early bird fee (until March 31) is 8,000 kroner, the full price from April 1 is 8,500 kr.

Tour guide is Per Henrik Hansen, journalist and IFAJ executive for Denmark. The Post Congress will be Per Henrik’s fifth tour to the Faroe Islands. He has written a facts sheet about the islands which you can see by clicking here.

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