The registration fee must be paid in Danish kroner (DKK).

100 DKK = approx. 13.40 euros
100 DKK = approx. 14.75 US dollars

If you arrive in Vingsted on Tuesday, June 23, (the day before the main congress begins), then the price for the first night is 900 Danish kroner for a single room or 600 Danish kroner for a double room, incl. dinner on June 23 and breakfast on June 24.

Early bird expires March 31.

Pre-congress                                           Fee, Danish kroner

Single room early bird                                 3,900
Single room full price                                  4,300
Double room early bird                               3,400
Double room full price                                3,900

Main congress

Single room early bird                                 6,600
Single room full price                                  7,100
Double room early bird                               5,600
Double room full price                                6,200
4-bed room early bird                                 4,900
4-bed room full price                                  5,300

Post-congress Funen

Single room early bird                                 4,400
Single room full price                                  4,900
Double room early bird                               4,000
Double room full price                                4,400

Post-congress Faroe Islands (double rooms only)

Double room early bird                               8,000
Double room full price                                8,500

You can cancel your registration and receive 100 percent of your payment back until May 10. From May 11 to June 10, you will be refunded 50 percent upon cancellation. After June 10 nothing is refunded.

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