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Thise is sponsor for IFAJ 2020

Thise Dairy is an organic dairy located in the Northwestern part of Denmark. The dairy was founded in 1988 by seven organic pioneers and a visionary dairy owner.

Kopenhagen Fur is the world’s largest fur auction house and the world-leader within the global trade of quality mink skins and sustainability in the fur trade.

Landsforeningen Danske Mælkeproducenter is sponsor for IFAJ 2020

LDM is a union of Danish dairy farmers representing more than half of all dairy farmers and nearly 2/3 of all Danish milk. The main goal is to secure fair prices and production conditions for dairy farmers.

Atlantic Airways is sponsor for IFAJ 2020

“Atlantic Airways is an international airline operating a state of the art fleet. Known for their focus on safety, punctuality and customer service.”

Hardi is sponsor for IFAJ 2020

Your plant protection partner
We help farmers around the world, produce the world’s best food.
By saving water, saving chemicals, saving time – reducing costs and the environmental impact.

Well-documented genetics and comprehensive service solutions has made DanBred the first choice for leading pig producers all over the world who expect optimal, predictable business results.

SAC is sponsor for IFAJ 2020

SAC is founded in the Danish Agricultural and Food value chain and develops and sell the best for the cow, the milk and the milker to dairy farmers around the world.

The Danish Chamber of Food Industry and Retail

Vestjyllands Andel is sponsor for IFAJ 2020

Vestjyllands Andel is owned by Danish farmers.
In joint cooperation we process grain into high quality feed for pigs, cattle, horses etc.

Nature Energy is sponsor for IFAJ 2020

A strong player in the green transition all over the world – particularly involved in biomethane production used as a substitute to natural gas

FMC is sponsor for IFAJ 2020

Crop protection solutions to growers around the world through a robust product portfolio and pipeline. Our global R&D center for plant biologicals is located in Denmark.

DanHatch Group is one of the largest and most efficient international hatchery companies in Europe with a yearly production of 485m day-old chickens.

Bigadan is a major global player in the biogas market with a history that goes back more than 35 years. We have designed and built more than 50 large-scale biogas projects in 17 countries and own and operate 10 biogas plants.

Sustainable non-soya pig production based on the Devamine technology.

Leading European supplier of machines for applying natural fertilizer for maximum efficiency and optimal use of nutrients.

BM Silo is sponsor for IFAJ 2020

Lifelong reliable silos solutions and transport equipment for dry materials, accessible worldwide and produced in state-of-the-art production facilities by the family, who founded the company in 1965.

Naturmælk is sponsor for IFAJ 2020

Naturmælk is a small organic dairy in Southern Denmark, with a passion for taste, quality and traditional handcrafted dairy products.

One2Feed automatic feeding system can give the dairy farmer “a better life on the farm”. It is very efficient and made from the most durable materials.

VikingGenetics is one of the world-leading providers of the innovative and sustainable bovine genetic products and solutions, cooperatively owned by 20,000 dairy and beef farmers in Denmark, Sweden, and Finland.

Lely is sponsor for IFAJ 2020

We create innovative solutions that help our customers excel in sustainable milk production to feed the world.

Fasterholt is sponsor for IFAJ 2020

Fasterholt Maskinfabrik A/S is an ultramodern factory and the leading manufacturer of irrigators in Scandinavia. Our factory is well-known for products of the highest quality, which guarantee stability and dependability for every agriculture.

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